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Spring 2015 Conference

   April 22 - 24, 2015

   Sheraton French Quarter

   New Orleans, Louisana USA

Fall 2015 Conference

   October 14 - 16, 2015

   Lowes Coronado Island

   San Diego, California USA

Important Note! You need to be a member of the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association to attend a conference. Click here for the benifits and how to join.

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Bulk Distributor Publishes Interview with FIBCA Executive Director

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Bulk Distributor Interview Link

- The History of the FIBC / Bulk Bag

- Educational Publications & Videos

(Handling Recommendations, Recycling Service Providers, Glossary, etc.)

- FIBCA Membership Directory

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Recent Website Updates

FIBC Handling Guidelines Parts 1-6

FIBCA has released an extensive update to its widely used FIBC safe handling guidelines document. The document can be downloaded for free using the links below

  6 sections organized by job function

   - Storage of Empty FIBCs

   - Filling of FIBCs

   - Handling FIBCs with Crane or Hoists

   - Handling FIBCs with Fork-Lift Trucks

   - Storage & Transportation of Filled FIBCs

   - Emptying / Discharging FIBCs

Download the individual sections above or click here for the full set of handling guidelines (Parts 1-6)

Users can download sections specific to their job function.

Incorporates recommendations contained in all available industry standards (ISO 21898, JIS Z1651, etc.)

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