The Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association is committed to educating the public on the benefits, uses, correct handling methods for bulk bags and much more.  Visit the resource center to explore the numerous educational items available.

FIBCA has been a global voice for the bulk bag industry for over 30 years. Click on the link to lean more about the mission of the largest FIBC association in the world and to see a list of our members spread across five continents and 25 countries.

Twice a year, over 100 FIBCA members gather to hear industry leading speakers and participate in industry shaping committees.  Click to learn about the upcoming FIBCA conferences, events and FIBC industry related news.

Why Choose Bulk Bags / FIBCs

  • FIBCs have the lowest package to product weight ratio of any intermediate industrial container. Ship one metric ton of product with a package weight as little as 5-7 lbs (2-3 Kg)

  • Can be handled, transported and stored without pallets due to integrated lifting loops

  • When empty they are lightweight and can fold flat to take up a fraction of the space required for other industrial packages

  • Can be customized to meet your needs (Size & Capacity, Filling & Discharging Features, Barrier Properties, Handling Features, etc.)

  • Can be used for a wide range of solid products (Chemical, Mineral, Food, Agricultural, etc.)

  • Recyclable