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Stand Out In The Bulk Bag Industry!

The Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association has been a global voice for the FIBC industry for over 30 years. This is your opportunity to be a part of the largest FIBC association in the world and join our members, from around the world, in their efforts to grow the industry and ensure FIBCs remain a strong, safe and environmentally friendly package option.

Membership Benefits:

Access to the “FIBCA Members Only” web site

  • Import Statistics (EU, USA and Canada)
  • Information on Electrostatic Hazards
  • Food Grade Packaging Directives & Documents
  • Hazardous Materials Links & Interpretations
  • Customs Tariff Codes & Rulings
  • Conference & Committee Documents
  • Use of the FIBCA Label & Handling Graphics

Access to FIBCA Educational Documents

Ability to Attend FIBCA Conferences

  • Hear Industry Leading Speakers and Participate in Valuable Training Programs
  • Participate in FIBCA Technical Committees
  • Attend Networking Receptions

Inform Members on Your Products & Services

Representation at Standards-Setting Organizations

Use of the Member Logo on Your Labels, Brochures & Website

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Bulk Bag Manufacturers, Importers & Distributors
Suppliers of Related Products & Services

Membership Criteria:

  • The company applying for membership must be involved in the FIBC / bulk bag industry as a manufacturer or a vendor of bulk bags (regular or affiliate member), or as a supplier of products or services to the industry (associate member).

  • The applicant must have at least $1,000,000.00 (one million USD) in liability insurance. Liability insurance provides protection from claims arising from product related injuries or damage to people or property.

  • A one time initiation fee of $500 USD is due on approval of your application and annual FIBCA membership dues of $2500 USD are due each February 1st. Dues are pro-rated based on when you join.

Important Note!
Your company can become a member of FIBCA regardless of where your company is located. FIBCA is a global association representing FIBC / Bulk Bag suppliers and providers of related products and services.

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FIBCA Membership Application

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Application for Membership in FIBCA

In tendering our application for membership in the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (FIBCA), we agree to pay the $500 USD initiation fee, first year’s pro-rated dues and all subsequent annual dues and assessments. The full annual dues are $2,500 USD per year and they must be received by February 1st of each year. Dues for the first year are pro-rated based on when you join. We also agree to comply with all provisions of the Bylaws as may now exist or may from time to time be amended.

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Member Insurance Certification

This certification of general liability coverage must be submitted annually, must be completed by an officer or director of the member company.

I hereby certify that the member company possess general liability insurance coverage in the amount not less than One Million US Dollars ($1,000,000 USD).  I further certify that this coverage is in effect at the time of making this certification and that the member company’s insurer

has been requested by the member company to immediately notify the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association, in writing upon cancellation of such coverage.


Code of Conduct

The Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association’s Code of Conduct is established to ensure that our customers, our Members, and our industry continue to receive the best quality products and services available to the FIBC industry.

This Code of Conduct also helps to ensure that every Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (FIBCA) Member supports FIBCA’s mission:

  • Motivate customers to use FIBCs to maximize their profitability, safety, and sustainability; and,

  • Educate FIBCA members about regulations and standards, promote the use of their products, and be a strong voice for the FIBC industry with regulatory agencies around the world.

All FIBCA Members agree to be committed to the following and shall:

  1. Obey laws, codes, regulations, etc. that apply to the import, export, manufacture, marketing, sale and service of FIBCs and FIBC related products.

  2. Maintain current knowledge of laws, codes, regulations etc. that apply to the import, export, manufacture, marketing, sale and service of FIBCs and FIBC related products.

  3. Truthfully promote their professional qualifications, capabilities, products, services, experience and knowledge related to FIBCs.

  4. Promote the safe use of FIBCs.

  5. Promote the environmentally responsible use of FIBCs.

  6. Exercise truth, honesty, integrity and fairness when dealing with FIBCA Members and others.

  7. Maintain positive relations within FIBCA by never defaming a FIBCA member and never communicating with a FIBCA member’s employee at any FIBCA meeting or function for the purpose of hiring them or obtaining competitive information.

  8. Adhere to FIBCA’s Antitrust Statement.

  9. Refrain from distributing association materials outside of your organization without the approval of the FIBCA staff and/or the current board of directors.

  10. Adhere to rules forbidding non-profit organizations from any form of political campaigning during official functions and in organization related communications and documents.

  11. Promote FIBCA as a reputable and knowledgeable source of information about FIBCs and their use and FIBC related products and services.

Signature / Certification That All Information Submitted is Accurate

Thank you for your interest in FIBCA. You will be contacted immediately upon approval of your application.