Bulk Bag / FIBC Resources

The members of FIBCA are committed to educating the public on Bulk Bags / FIBCs and below are some resources created towards that goal.  Below you will find links to resources covering topics such as what is needed to get the bulk bag that fits your needs, what industry terms are used, how to safely handle bulk bags,  where to recycle your used bulk bags and what is the history of bulk bags.


FIBC Food Safety Guide

The topic of food safety in the packaging industry is constantly evolving, with tougher industry standards and increased government regulations becoming the norm. FIBCA recognizes that there are many [...]


FIBC Design Guide

The FIBC Design Guide is provided as a means for potential Bulk Bag (FIBC) users to identify the answers to critical questions when determining what FIBC best fits their particular [...]


FIBC Recycling Resources

FIBCA strongly recommends that, whenever possible, bulk bags are recycled at the end of their life cycle. FIBC recycling companies throughout North America can establish end-user specific, FIBC recycling programs. [...]


FIBC Terminology

All industries have their own language and knowing how people refer to things will help you identify available options and communicate with your FIBCA member supplier. Below is some [...]


FIBC History

FIBC History A bulk bag or flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) is defined as an intermediate bulk container, having a body made of flexible fabric, which [...]