Calcium Carbonate Additives White Paper

Purpose – To educate purchasers of bulk bags about calcium carbonate additive used in FIBC fabrics and how to assess it when used in the production of outsourced bags.

Problem – Uncertainty exists in the industry about then use of Calcium Carbonate additive in Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, specifically with regards to their potential effect on the performance on fabrics and bags

Concern –  That any presence of this mineral in extrusion formulas will compromise the mechanical properties polypropylene tape yarn. In reality, calcium carbonate additives are useful and even necessary, provided that it is of the right type and used at appropriate levels.  On the other hand, it has been shown that grade and/or content can lead to a degradation of fabric strength and FIBC durability. For this reason it is important to accurately assess the calcium carbonate additive used.

A PDF version can be downloaded below